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In Honor of Tommy "Panda" Charette Collection (IN STOCK)

$40.00 USD

" The goal isn't to live forever ... the goal is to create something that will live forever " Chuck Palahunik

Yesterday was a gut punch to alot of us... as many have heard the passing of one of our own Tommy Charette AKA PANDA !!!! Tommy was a selfless individual that always put you before him .... a friend,co-worker, father, uncle, brother and so much more !!!! Panda you will forever be in our Hearts ♥ ❤!!! We miss you already brotha.. we love you!!!! In his honor we have made a custom Hoodie and Jerseys ... so you can take Panda with you everywhere  🐼🐼🐼🐼❤❤
  • We would like for each of us to honor panda and wear his name and number, so these will not be personalized.  Hope you can understand this.