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2019 Demarini Flipper OG Aftermath ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat

$299.95 USD
WTDXFLS 2634-19
The 2019 Flipper OG is crafted for crushers. This 13" Divergence Gapped Wall Barrel bat sandwiches air between two layers of composite material, creating a super-responsive sweet spot perfect for high-COR, low compression balls. With a ZNX Alloy handle, balanced design and increased flexibility, this stick ensures maximum power with every swing. Put the power to work and watch it fly.


Half + Half: two-piece design
Divergence Barrel: Gapped wall barrel design creates maximum softness and trampoline effect
ZnX Alloy Handle: By increasing stiffness and durability, the ZnX alloy handle flexes less and forces the barrel to deflect more for increased overall barrel performance
USA: Designed and assembled in the USA
13" Barrel: Midload